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100 Club (could you win £100?)

Gloucester Quays Rotary 100 Club Lottery

Gloucester Quays Rotary Club has a primary purpose to support the community in which we all live.

Through a combination of service, fellowship and fun we have endeavoured to raise funds on an annual basis for our Presidents good causes.

To add to our fundraising activity in 2021 we launched our 100 Club. Quite simply 100 members each pay a subscription of £4.00 per month this entitles them to a membership and a lucky number between 1and 100. Once a month a draw takes place and the winning number attracts a prize of £100.00 paid to the member owning that winning number . The balance of the monthly proceeds going to our charitable causes . If we sell all 100 subscriptions £400.00 per month will be raised less the prize money of £100.00 leaving £300.00 multiplied by twelve months raising a tremendous £3600.00 per annum for charity .

There are no other expenses or charges apart from the prize money.

We do still have memberships available and should anyone be interested in signing up then please contact us via the website:

Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash 

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Friday, 27 May 2022